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A dental tomography apparatus comprises three drive motors for displacing the film and the X-ray source in two mutually perpendicular directions in a horizontal plane and for pivoting the carrier which connects the film and the X-ray source. The control signals for the motor drives are derived from ...

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Chiral substituted tartarimides, a process for their preparation and their use as doping agents in liquid-crystal mixtures.

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An electric resistance seam welding method and apparatus includes a continuous wire electrode which is passed successively over a first electrode reel and thereafter over a second electrode reel via a plurality of guide and deflection rollers, the outer surfaces of the wire confronting each other wh ...

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Apparatus for ascertaining the mass and/or the moisture of succesive increments of a running rod containing tobacco and/or filter material for tobacco smoke having a resonator housing with a cylindrical internal chamber which is disposed between and inlet an outlet and wherein the rod is exposed to ...

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In the area of manufacturing peel-off lids (28) out of lid rings with a peel-off foil (25) sealed on it, a part of the sealing surface (26) is bent up in the direction of the lid edge in order to tension the sealing surface with the peel-off foil. A clamping tool (30, 31) is provided in order to cla ...

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The invention relates to an anode disc for a rotary-anode X-ray tube which consists of a rotationally-symmetrical body of molybdenum and a corresponding body of graphite. The connection zone between the two bodies is smaller than the inner diameter of the focal path. Thanks to this construction the ...

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A welder for welding side seams of tubular bodies. The welder has a body feed in the form of a single conveyor which serves to receive bodies at regular intervals from a rounded unseamed tubular body supply and to move the bodies into a welding head nip with the bodies being initially widely spaced ...

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The invention is directed to an aqueous coating composition composed of chlorinated polyolefins and one or more water-borne, self-emulsifying epoxy resins. The epoxy resin is formed from a combination of aromatic polyols, diepoxy compounds and a condensation product formed from diepoxy compounds and ...

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A projection display having at least one light source and also regularly-disposed optical channels. The optical channels comprise at least one field lens, to which respectively one object structure to be imaged and also at least one projection lens are assigned. The distance of the projection lenses ...