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A light-emitting module is specified, comprising at least two light sources disposed on a common carrier. At least one of said light sources includes at least two LED chips. Each light source of the module is followed downstream by an optic body of an optical element, and the optic bodies are suitab ...

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An optical arrangement for symmetrizing beams which includes a plurality of laser diodes arranged next to one another. The plurality of laser diodes emit beams which are asymmetrical relative to a first direction and a second direction, with the second direction being perpendicular to the first dire ...

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The invention relates to an illumination module for color display, preferably for use in data or video projectors as well as rear projection television sets, in which the light from at least three luminescent diodes (LEDs) or LED arrays of the base colors red, green and blue is collimated at a point ...

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A device is proposed to symmetrize the radiation from one or from several linear optical emitters. The device possesses per emitter

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The invention relates to an optical array for symmetrization of the beam of multiple sequentially fixed adjacent laser diodes, their respective output radiation being asymmetrical in relation to a first and a second direction that are perpendicular to each other. A cylindrical lens with sufficient i ...

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In order to separate can bodies carried by a first conveyor belt at a high speed, a second conveyor belt is taken close to the first conveyor belt and individual bodies are transferred from the first conveyor belt to the second conveyor belt. It is thus possible to separate a sequence of tin bodies ...


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Process for multilayer-lacquering of a substrate in which the outermost layer is prepared by use of a lacquer containing one or several cationic binding agents. It is possible to apply top coat and clear lacquer films based on cationic binding agents.

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The conveyor apparatus is connecting a cutter, by means of which sheet metal blanks are produced in adjacent rows, to the magazine of a can welding apparatus which produces from the sheet metal blanks can bodies. A row of adjacently arranged depositing receptacles for receipt of at least one sheet m ...

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A one-piece anode disc for a rotary anode X-ray tube is provided with a groove in the immediate vicinity of each side of the focal path to reduce thermal stresses in the path.