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A system of navigation for vehicles is proposed, which is provided with a device (14) for representing a road map as well as with a composite navigation apparatus (10, 11, 12) for the continuous instantaneous determination of the location of the vehicle and with a location display (16) on the repres ...

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An arrangement having a module for installation in a bumper of a motor vehicle and having a retaining part for attaching the module to the bumper. The retaining part, in this context, is fixedly attached on the interior side of the bumper blade, so that the module can be inserted from the interior s ...

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A process for determining navigation data from a map wherein a line code lattice is superposed on the map and scanned by a sensor. The crossing line codes in the lattice differ one from the other.

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An ultrasonic sensor having a diaphragm includes a heating element for heating the diaphragm.

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To prevent parallax distortion, and to simplify application of masking patterns, particularly for LCD units, the mask is applied to the front-, or back-plate electrode at the side facing the liquid crystal, and opposite the interrupted, or etched front-plate electrode on the back support plate. Suit ...

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Several exemplary embodiments for an ultrasound transducer are suggested, in which the sound propagation in the vertical plane is narrow-angled and in the horizontal plane wide-angled by means of appropriate damping measures. The effect on the propagation characteristic is achieved by means of the e ...

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An air flow rate meter in an internal combustion engine which functions on the principle of a constant-temperature anemometer is proposed. The device includes a resistance measurement bridge with a regulatable total bridge current, and the relative orientation between the bridge diagonal voltage and ...

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In an ultrasonic sensor, including a housing having a plug connector, an ultrasonic converter, and a circuit board, the housing is divided into a support and a hood enclosing the support. The support carries the circuit board, the plug connector, and the ultrasonic converter.

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A device is proposed for measuring the flowthrough rate in an internal combustion engine, particularly for measuring the air throughput in the intake tube. The device has a measurement bridge functioning on the principle of constant-temperature control, and also a regulating deivce for the total bri ...

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An ultrasonic transducer has a pot-like housing with an annular wall and with a bottom surface serving as diaphragm. A piezo-element which is connected with connection lines is arranged at the inner side of the bottom surface. The edge remote of the bottom surface is surrounded by a decoupling ring ...