Anthony Kram, Peter M Winter, Neil L Holman: Method and apparatus for assisting user of information retrieval systems. Keycom Electronic Publishing, Bernard L Kleinke, June 28, 1988: US04754326 (407 worldwide citation)

In information retrieval system includes a help feature, wherein a help key on a terminal can be actuated and a host computer responds by determining the identity of a page of basic information being transmitted at the time the help key is operated, determining the location of a page of subsidiary i ...

J Robert Burk Jr, Christopher Fries, Peter M Winter: Apparatus for downloading macro programs and executing a downloaded macro program responding to activation of a single key. Keycom Electronic Publishing, Bernard L Kleinke, William Patrick Waters, Jerry R Potts, June 19, 1990: US04935870 (291 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for downloading videotex information via a host computer includes a group of local terminals installed at a variety of locations. The terminals receive and store macro programs from the host computer. The local terminal then activates the macro programs via a set of function input devices, ...

Peter M Winter, Neil L Holman, Anthony B Kram: Method and apparatus for retrieving information distributed over nonconsecutive pages. Keycom Electronic Publishing, Bernard L Kleinke, August 30, 1988: US04768144 (133 worldwide citation)

This specification describes an information retrieval system such as a videotext or teletext system in which data is stored in conventional tree format, and the user has the usual capability to move vertically through the tree structure, but also has a novel capability to browse horizontally thereth ...

Peter M Winter, Thomas R Ray, Mary E Burkhardt: Method and videotex apparatus for fast access of remotely located information. Keycom Electronic Publishing, Bernard L Kleinke, March 21, 1989: US04814972 (132 worldwide citation)

The method and apparatus enables a terminal to access a computer located at a distance therefrom by an uncomplicated, easy-to-understand, log-on procedure. The system includes a group of terminals which are each able to access a host computer. If desired, the host computer is, in turn, adapted to ex ...


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