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An electrothermal ink jet print head is constructed in layer structure, wherein the expansion direction of the ink vapor bubble is directed opposite to the ink-ejection direction. Each ink channel (16) of the ink jet print head is supplied with ink by flow throttles for a highest degree of effective ...

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A monolithic type of catalyst carrier for the exhaust system of a combustion engine is securely held in a tubular metal housing under the variations in temperature of operation by surrounding the monolith with a jacket, which extends between the monolith and the casing, and which has a thermal expan ...

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The present mixer for construction materials, such as a bituminous sludge, has a trough with an inlet and an outlet and two mixing shafts equipped with blades rotatably supported in the trough in parallel to each other. The blades are uniformly spaced along both shafts and staggered by 90.degree. ar ...

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A stator for an electrical machine includes a stator yoke and a plurality of stator coils arranged on the stator yoke. An interconnection arrangement is arranged on one end face of the stator yoke. The interconnection arrangement has connecting conductors which are electrically insulated from one an ...

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This invention relates to improved flow control mechanism for valve gated injection molding. The mechanism is of the type where movement of the valve pin is controlled by a pneumatically driven rocker arm. The back plate is cast with an integral pivot pin portion projecting from it and a pivot ball ...

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Dramatically lower power consumption of a video display to is achieved during standby mode. Using relatively simple sync-energy converting circuitry, the power supply can be switched on/off electronically, without the need to have the main power supply running and without an auxiliary supply. Power ...

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Substituted 4-phenyl-pyridones and 4-phenyl-2-alkoxypyridines are prepared by reducing corresponding 4-phenyl-pyridone and 4-phenyl-2-alkoxypyridine derivatives. The substituted 4-phenyl-pyridones and 4-phenyl-2-alkoxypyridines can be employed as active compounds in medicaments, in particular for th ...

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The invention relates to 3,4,5-trihydroxypiperidine compound of Formula (I) as methods for the preparation of said compounds. Also included in the invention are compositions containing said piperidine compounds and methods for the use of said piperidine compounds and compositions. The invention furt ...

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In a device for measuring redox gases, such as alcohol, in a person's breath, a disposable tubular mouthpiece forms an elongated flow passage and is displaceably securable in a measuring head. The mouthpiece has an opening at one end for blowing air into it and openings along its length for directin ...

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The present invention provides amino-sugar derivatives of the general formula ##STR1## in which n and m independently of each other represent an integer from 0 to 8 and the sum n+m has a value of 0 to 8, and