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In order to provide protection against disruptive radiation and achieve good conduction of heat, a housing for control devices which has multiple parts is provided with a printed circuit board carrying power components and control elements with a peripherally extending lining of electrically and the ...


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A control device has at least two housing parts, at least one printed circuit board provided with power components and fastened in a peripheral region between the housing parts, the printed circuit board having a layer of a thermally conductive material, the housing parts of the printed circuit boar ...


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A device for dissipation of the thermal power loss of an electronic or electromechanical component (10) is proposed, in which an adequate cooling surface area is available. To obtain the largest possible cooling surface area at low assembly outlay, the components (1) have a heat-conducting connectio ...

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The module has a cooling element (11) for the power components (10) which are held in contact with the cooling element via spring elements (39). The cooling element has a U shaped cross-section with 2 arms (13, 14) to which the power components are attached in 2 rows. Pref. at least one fo the arms ...

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In a control device, the printed circuit board (10) lies on one edge (28) of the base (26) of the housing. The power components (14) to be cooled are fitted in the region where the board (10) bears on the edge (28). To ensure that the board (10) is pressed evenly over the entire supporting surface, ...

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A control apparatus comprising at least two housing parts (18)(26), which at least comprises a circuit board (10) installed with a power member (14), in which the circuit board (10) at least partially having a layer consisted of a thermal conductive material, which is characterized in that:the circu ...