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An apparatus includes an optical fiber having a plurality of optical cores therein. Each optical core is located lateral in the optical fiber to the remaining one or more optical cores and is able to support a number of propagating optical modes at telecommunications wavelengths. Each number is less ...

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A method and apparatus for receiving narrowband filtered optical PSK signals, including converting PSK optical signals into intensity-modulated signals at a receiver, and introducing a desired amplitude imbalance between the first and the second intensity-modulated signals to improve receiver perfor ...

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An add-side laser in an optical device, such as an add/drop multiplexer OADM, provides not only a source for an add-side wavelength to be added to an output of the device, but also a reference for a receive-side coherent receiver that is included in the optical device.

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An improved multi-channel optical equalizer method and apparatus for intersymbol interference mitigation compensates many wavelength channels simultaneously and requires few adjustable parameters. The equalizer unit has only two control signals, one to control signal magnitude and one to control sig ...

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A linear optical sampling apparatus, temporally samples a modulated optical signal using the amplitude of the interference of its electric field with the electric field of a laser pulse. The apparatus includes a 90° optical hybrid that combines the optical signal and laser pulse in order to generate ...

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Method and apparatus for creating a clone relationship between two or more optical-frequency comb sources (OFCSs). In one embodiment, the invention is an apparatus having (i) first and second OFCSs, each adapted to generate a respective frequency comb, and (ii) means for locking the phases of two co ...

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A load-balanced network architecture is disclosed in which a traffic flow at a given network node is split into a plurality of parts, and the parts are distributed to respective ones of the plurality of nodes that are designated as participating in a load balancing process for the traffic flow. Each ...

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An exemplary optical modulator includes an interferometer. The interferometer includes an input optical coupler, an output optical coupler, and two or more controllable optical waveguides. Each controllable optical waveguide connects the input optical coupler to the output optical coupler and has an ...

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Optical chirped return-to-zero (CRZ) data signals are generated without the need for a separate phase modulator, by using a dual-drive Mach-Zehnder modulator for RZ pulse carving that is driven with two typically sinusoidal signals of either unequal amplitude or unequal relative phase, i.e. of non-v ...

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A digital signal processor (DSP) operating within, for example, an optical receiver wherein the DSP processes complex sample streams derived from a received digitally modulated optical signal, the DSP configured to perform a method comprising: using a filter adaptation algorithm (FAA), processing di ...