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In a method for improving cardiac function, a compressive device is inserted into an intrapericardial space about a lower end portion of a heart. Thereafter the compressive device is operated to compress and close off lower portions of both ventricles of the heart.

Peter J Wilk: Laparoscopic instrument assembly. R Neil Sudol, Henry D Coleman, May 17, 1994: US05312391 (152 worldwide citation)

A laparoscopic instrument assembly includes a rigid sleeve and a plurality of laparoscopic instrument shafts inserted inside the sleeve. The sleeve has an outer diameter smaller than an inner diameter of a laparoscopic cannula, whereby a distal end portion of the instrument assembly may be inserted ...

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An intrapericardial assist device and method comprises an electrode carrier in the form of an inflatable cuff-shaped balloon adapted for juxtaposition to a patient's heart in an intrapericardial space. An electrical contact or electrode is disposed on the contact surface of the carrier for conductin ...

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A device for use in performing an end-to-end anastomosis comprises a stapling member insertable into a first end segment of a tubular organ, a plurality of staples arranged in a circular array in the stapling member, and an anvil member insertable into a second end segment of the tubular organ. The ...

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Disclosed is a conduit that provides a bypass around an occlusion or stenosis in a coronary artery. The conduit is a tube adapted to be positioned in the heart wall to provide a passage for blood to flow between a heart chamber and a coronary artery, at a site distal to the occlusion or stenosis. Th ...

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Described herein are various methods and apparatuses for delivering stents and other devices into the myocardium of a patient. One preferred stent delivery system provides access to the insertion site in the myocardium by advancing a delivery catheter through a blockage in a coronary artery, or arou ...

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A lighting device for a surgical operating room comprises a light source for generating visible electromagnetic radiation, at least one light output operatively connected to the light source for emitting and directing the electromagnetic radiation, and an attachment component connected to the light ...

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A surgical method comprises the steps of (a) piercing an abdominal wall of a patient to form an opening in the wall, (b) inserting a tubular member through the opening, (c) pushing a inert flexible membrane through the tubular member and into a body cavity of the patient, (d) opening the injected me ...

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A device utilizable with an endoscope to promote sterility comprises a substantially thin-walled elongate tubular sheath made of a flexible material such as rubber, the sheath having a use configuration with an inner diameter larger than an outer diameter of an insertion member of the endoscope, whe ...

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In an endotracheal intubation method, during and after insertion of an endotracheal tube into a trachea of a patient, an image is transmitted along the endotracheal tube from a distal end to a proximal end thereof, thereby enabling an operator to determine proper placement of the endotracheal tube. ...