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A pagewidth reading or writing bar such as a full width array ink jet printhead assembled from fully functional subunits is accurately assembled on an alignment fixture and a structural bar is aligned and bonded thereto with a thermosetting epoxy. To prevent positional disturbance of the subunits pr ...

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An integral seal for priming or maintaining the nozzles or orifices of an ink jet printhead in an ink jet printer. The ink jet printhead includes a plurality of ink ejecting orifices arranged on a surface of the printhead and includes a seal integral with the surface which surrounds the ink ejecting ...

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A fabricating process for pagewidth reading and/or writing bars assembled from subunits, such as ink jet printhead subunits, is disclosed. At least two lengths of subunits are cut and placed on corresponding flat containers. An assembly robot places the subunits in a butted array on an alignment fix ...

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A fluidic micro-electromechanical device includes a pressure compensating subsystem that enables the device to operate consistently in changing environmental pressure conditions. Such a fluidic micro-electromechanical device includes an actuator having an actuator cavity underneath an actuator membr ...

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A heat sink, provides a heat transfer pathway to remove heat from the rear face of a printhead substrate. The heat sink is located between the printhead substrate and the printer carriage. The heat sink may, in one embodiment, be biased to float substantially normal to the rear face of a printhead s ...

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The present application is directed to electrostatic actuators, and methods of making electrostatic actuators. In one embodiment, an electrostatic actuator of the present application comprises a first electrode and a second electrode. The second electrode is positioned in proximity to the first elec ...

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A full width array printhead is provided having a continuous maintainable printhead surface and method of forming the same. The printhead includes a substrate and an array of die modules mounted thereon with a front face of each die module exposed. A hardened fill material surrounds the array of die ...

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A vent connects a chamber to the external atmosphere surrounding a device to equalize pressure within the chamber. The vent has a size and shape to allow pressure equalization to occur outside a normal operating cycle of the chamber and controls the pressure to prevent undesirable deflection of a me ...

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A method of forming an enclosed fluid path in a print head includes providing a die member and a truncated nozzle plate spaced from the upper surface of the die member. The die and nozzle plate are formed on a print head substrate having an aperture formed therein. A sacrificial material is seated o ...

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An ink jet print head includes a molded nozzle plate, the molded nozzle plate further including molded die alignment features. The molded die alignment features can be registered to the apertures of the print head die.