Peter Furst, Harald Buchalla: Lighting device for motor vehicles. Donnelly Hohe & Co KG, McGlew and Tuttle P C, November 28, 2000: US06152590 (233 worldwide citation)

A lighting device for attachment to a motor vehicle inside a housing 4. One or more light emitting diodes 9 which emit substantially white light are employed as lighting emitters. On account of the small amount of waste heat of the light-emitting diodes 9 the lighting device can be particularly easi ...


Jutta Heim, Thomas Hottiger, Gabriele Pohlig, Peter Furst: Process for the production of polypeptides. Ciba Geigy Corporation, Henry P Nowak, James Scott Elmer, W Murray Spruill, July 13, 1999: US05922569 (4 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a method for the production of a polypeptide with the aid of genetically engineered yeast cells which contain not more than one functional CUP1 gene in the genome and carry a plasmid comprising a gene coding for said polypeptide and a functional CUP1 gene; and said yeast cells ...

Peter Furst: Cap for external side view mirror of a motor vehicle. Donnelly Hohe & Co KG, Jacobson Price Holman & Stern PLLC, December 21, 1999: US06003996 (2 worldwide citation)

A cap for an external side view mirror for a motor vehicle which facilitates the ability of an observer to determine the position of the vehicle. To accomplish this, a light-reflecting strip or triangular pyramidal reflector prisms, for example, are applied to the cap.


Peter Furst: Wide angle lens apparatus for vehicle rear window. Jacobson Price Holman & Stern PLLC, October 21, 1997: US05680261 (2 worldwide citation)

A wide angle lens for a vehicle rear window is movably held in a guide device which is fixed to the body of the vehicle. The lens can be moved out of the rear view field of vision of the driver for normal forward driving namely, it can be moved along the guide device. The lens is brought into the re ...

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A novel process for the production of recombinant desulphatohirudin by transformed yeast strains is provided. The process makes use of an expression cassette comprising the yeast CUP1 promoter. The invention concerns also said transformed yeast strains, novel expression vectors and methods for the p ...

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The invention relates to a pressure sensor comprising a sensor element (2) having a flat membrane (4) which is transformed at its edge into a hollow-cylindrical ring (6) so that a central recess (20) is provided at the lower side (10) of the membrane (4). On the upper side (8) of the membrane (4) a ...

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The present invention relates to the new use of 2,4-diamino-3-hydroxycarboxylic acids of formula (I), in which A and B independently represent a bond or an unsubstituted or substituted amino acyl moiety; R1 represents hydrogen; an amino protecting group; or a group of formula R5Y— wherein R5 represe ...

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The present invention relates to processes for determining the biological activity of compounds that inhibit the tyrosine kinase activity of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) aqnd to the use of transcription or translation products of genes the expression levels of which correlate with the ...