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The device of the present invention is designed for repairing a tear in soft and/or tough tissue of a patient, such as a tear in the meniscus of the knee.

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Surgical material of resorbable polymer, copolymer, or polymer mixture containing at least partially fibrillated structural units, and use thereof.

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In the present invention, a bioabsorbable implant is described, which implant is manufactured of bioabsorbable polymer, copolymer, polymer alloy or fiber reinforced and/or particle filled composite, which implant is pushed into a hole or drill canal made in a bone, for fixing a bone graft into the d ...

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A tool kit for use in the inducement of the reconstitution and healing of the sternum after an operation on a patient in the chest region in which during the operation the sternum is cut into two hemisterna. The kit serves for the post-operational approximation and fixation of the hemisterna in a po ...

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Supporting structure (1) for preventing the movements of powder material (2) which will be applied as bone graft (bone graft powder) which supporting structue (1) will be located to contact with bone tissue and which supporting structure (1) is manufactured of at least partially resorbable polymer, ...

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The invention relates to a joint prosthesis intended to be mounted between two bones to be joined together. The joint prosthesis comprises a spacer part, intended to be placed between the joint surfaces of the bones to be joined. The spacer part is manufactured of biodegradable polymer, co-polymer, ...

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Surgical osteosynthesis composite material, which is self-reinforced i.e. it is formed about the absorbable polymer or copolymer matrix which is reinforced with the absorbable reinforcement units which have the same chemical element percentage composition as the matrix has.

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A cylindrical, fibrous, porous joint spacer is provided, having excellent properties, flexibility of formation, and operability, which is intended to be implanted as a prosthesis between bones to be joined together. The joint spacer of the present invention can be formed from a strip of fabric, whic ...

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A method of producing a surgical implant, device, or part thereof, made of biodegradable material for performing at least one function selected from the group consisting of supporting, joining and separating tissue and keeping open a tissue cavity. One biodegradable rod which is wound around a windi ...