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A concentric spectrometer which reduces stray light and re-entrant spectra within the spectrometer. The spectrometer includes a non-direct optical path between the entrance slit assembly and exit aperture. Dyson and Offner concentric optical configurations are used to eliminate third-order aberratio ...

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A temperature limited catalytic gas detector includes a catalytic gas sensor in one branch of a Wheatstone bridge network. A power supply is connected through a voltage controlled regulator to the bridge network. An instrumentation amplifier measures electrical imbalances across the bridge network. ...

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Concentric spectrometers are plagued with internal reflections due to inherent nature of more than one optical surface possessing a common center of curvature. Reflections from optical surfaces arise when there is a difference or change in the refractive index of the media in which an optical beam o ...

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An integrating sphere, and an integrating sphere-based reflectance colorimeter/spectrophotometer for the measurement of color and appearance, having multiple receivers capable of concurrently receiving optical radiation scattered/reflected from a diffusely illuminated sample surface, with the capabi ...

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A turbidimeter having an arrangement of internal surfaces, optical surfaces, and optical restrictions to the field of view of both the illumination and the detector means to significantly improve the lower detection limit of the turbidimeter by reducing the detected signal due to stray light.

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One embodiment provides an annular optical device (100), comprising: an annular meso-optic (1) including an annulus (11) centered about an axis of revolution (A); and a secondary optical structure (2) substantially coaxial within the annulus (11) of the annular meso-optic (1), wherein the secondary ...

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An automatic optical measurement system (100) is provided. The measurement system (100) includes a sample vial (10) and an automatic optical measurement apparatus (90) configured to receive the sample vial (10). The automatic optical measurement apparatus (90) is configured to detect a presence of t ...

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A spatial frequency optical measurement instrument (100) is provided according to the invention. The instrument (100) includes a spatial frequency mask (120) positioned in a light path and configured to encode light with spatial frequency information, a light receiver (140) positioned to receive the ...

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A measurement system that can measure scattered light across a predetermined scatter angle is disclosed. The measurement system has a light source configured to provide light along a first axis. The measurement system has a lens system aligned along a second axis that has a first focus near the firs ...

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A measurement system that can self calibrate is disclosed. The measurement system comprising a first light source directed along a first axis and configured to illuminate a sample volume. The measurement system has a sensor aligned along a second axis and is configured to detect scattered light in t ...