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Thermoplastic elastomers containing ethylene, alpha-olefin, vinyl norbornene elastomeric polymers provide superior cure levels to thermoplastic elastomers containing ethylene, alpha-olefin, diene monomer elastomeric polymers with other dienes than vinyl norbornene. The elastomeric polymers, along wi ...

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Ethylene propylene copolymers, substantially free of diene, are described. The copolymers will have a uniform distribution of both tacticity and comonomer between copolymer chains. Further, the copolymers will exhibit a statistically insignificant intramolecular difference of tacticity. The copolyme ...

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In the preparation of thermoplastic elastomers by hydrosilylation crosslinking of the elastomeric component, the use of an elastomer containing a non-conjugated diene and having a Mooney viscosity within the MST range of 45 to 100 provides products with a high level of crosslinking and an improved c ...

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This invention relates generally to synthetic polymers, generally with improved balance of processability, resilience and durability. These polymers are generally of the ethylene, alpha-olefin, diene terpolymer type.

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Elastomeric polymers including ethylene, alpha-olefin and vinyl norbornene are shown to have improved extrusion characteristics, improved electrical properties, improved cure characteristics compared to ethylene, alpha-olefin, non-conjugated diene elastomeric polymers containing non-conjugated diene ...

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Extruded shapes, profiles and parts in general based on an ethylene, alpha-olefin elastomeric polymer are manufactured utilizing a tailored approach to polymerization, leading to a polymer that delivers all of the benefits of metallocene based polymers, but without the drawbacks. Additionally, the e ...

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Motor vehicle vibration damping parts based on an ethylene, alpha-olefin, vinyl norbornene elastomeric polymer are manufactured with more efficiency due to vibration damping part compounds having lower viscosity, easier processing than ethylene, alpha-olefins, diene monomer compounds, where the dien ...

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The present invention provides curable and cured propylene-based elastomers, optionally including a diene, and having isotactic polypropylene crystallinity, a melting point by DSC equal to or less than 110° C., and a heat of fusion of from 5 J/g to 50 J/g. The present invention also provides blend c ...

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The instant disclosure is directed to a thermoplastic vulcanizate composition comprising a dynamically-cured rubber; from about 20 to about 300 parts by weight of a thermoplastic resin per 100 parts by weight rubber and from about 30 to about 250 parts by weight additional oil per 100 parts by weigh ...

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