Per Olof Weman, Harald Martin Schmelow: Run through bracket. Sigmatex, Ernest D Buff, February 1, 1977: US04005904 (24 worldwide citation)

This invention concerns a metal guide for safety belts for vehicles, especially cars, consisting of a lashing to be fastened to the automobile body and a ring held by the lashing with an opening through which the belt runs. The lashing has detents for expanding movement and the ring has guide surfac ...

Per Olof Weman: Seat belt anchorage. General Engineering, Spencer & Frank, April 10, 1990: US04915414 (9 worldwide citation)

A seat belt anchorage is provided for a seat belt for use to protect a person sitting in a front seat of a two-door vehicle. The anchorage comprises a slider bar mounted in the interior of the vehicle adjacent the door sill and extending in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle. One end of the s ...

Harald Martin Schmelow, Per Olof Weman, Heino Arff: Universal emergency locking retractor. N V Klippan, Patrick L Henry, Ernest D Buff, July 18, 1978: US04101092 (9 worldwide citation)

A seat belt retractor of the inertia type comprises a rotatable shaft with a cam-surface driven thereby. A locking element movable on the cam surface is positively displaced by a control element fitted in a recess thereof and acting from an inertia element. The locking element, when driven by the in ...

Per Olof Weman: Ferrule buckle. N V Klippan, Roger H Criss, January 24, 1978: US04069559 (6 worldwide citation)

A buckle and tongue combination comprising a ferrule, channeled for acceptance of a bifurcated tongue. A latch member straddling the ferrule, and pivoted thereto, is biased for latching engagement with the tongue. The tongue may be disengaged by pressure in opposition to the bias, applied to a lever ...

Per Olof Weman: Inflatable air bag for motor vehicles for attenuating the impact effect of the passenger in case of accident. Klippan, Ernest D Buff, November 30, 1976: US03994506 (6 worldwide citation)

Inflatable air bag having one or several air intake openings for drawing air from the passenger compartment into the air bag, and closure means for automatically sealing the air intake openings after inflation of the air bag. The closure means may consist of bands, tubes, flaps and the like.

Per Olof Weman: Safety belt tension relieving apparatus. N V Klippan, Ernest D Buff, January 10, 1978: US04067612 (3 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for relieving belt tension on the shoulder belt of a vehicle safety seat belt system is provided. The apparatus has a locking means pneumatically actuated from an unlocking position to a locking position which relieves belt tension on a vehicle occupant when the occupant leans against the ...

Per Olof Weman: Car seat with slack roll-up mechanism. N V Klippan, Ernest D Buff, John P Kirby, July 26, 1977: US04037873 (3 worldwide citation)

A car seat is provided with a roll-up belt collecting apparatus adapted to relieve tension on the belt. The apparatus has a mechanically released locking means actuated in response to movement of a back rest disposed in the seat. The apparatus is inexpensive to produce and highly reliable in operati ...

Per Olof Weman: Safety belt for motor vehicles. Sigmatex Basel, Ernest D Buff, April 4, 1978: US04082317 (3 worldwide citation)

A passive safety belt for a motor vehicle including a hip belt anchored at both ends thereof to a vehicle floor, and a telescopic tube means operatively connected to the hip belt for displacing the hip belt between an occupant restraining position and an occupant releasing position.

Per Olof Weman: Safety belt for motor vehicles. Sigmatex, Ernest D Buff, November 22, 1977: US04059287 (2 worldwide citation)

Passive seat belt for deployment about an occupant with the hip belt anchored to vehicle structure at both ends thereof.