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A communication device is disclosed having optical and near-field communication capability. The device includes an optical transceiver circuit fabricated on an integrated circuit die and configured to transmit and receive far field signals. A near field transceiver circuit is also fabricated on the ...

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A gas valve having a valve member disposed within a valve cavity, and an elastomeric valve seat extending from a valve cavity wall into the valve cavity. The valve member is movable between an open position in which the valve member does not engage the resilient valve seat thereby permitting gas to ...

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A gas valve may include a valve body and a valve member disposed within the valve body. A resilient sealing ring may be disposed within the valve body such that the valve member achieves a closed position when the valve member contacts the resilient sealing ring. In some instances, a gas valve may i ...

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A switching voltage regulator samples signals corresponding to a flyback voltage on an auxiliary winding on a primary side of the switching voltage regulator. The flyback voltage functions as feedback from the output voltage on the secondary side. On detection of presence of the flyback voltage, sam ...

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In one aspect, an apparatus includes a ready circuit to output a ready indicator when a supply voltage provided to the ready circuit and a voltage regulator is sufficient to operate the voltage regulator. In turn, the voltage regulator is to receive the supply voltage and output a regulated voltage, ...

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In an embodiment, a method includes: during a first portion of a cycle of a clock signal generated by an oscillator, pre-charging a first capacitor of a first switched capacitor stage until a first comparator determines that a first node voltage of the first switched capacitor stage is greater than ...

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The invention relates to an integrated high power sine wave carrier circuit for outputting a low distortion high power sine wave. The circuit is used for antennas, and especially for antennas in automotive appliances. The circuit comprises a H-bridge (

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An apparatus includes an integrated circuit (IC). The IC includes a differencing comparator. The differencing comparator receives a differential input signal. The differencing comparator compares the differential input signal to a threshold value. The differencing comparator includes a transconducta ...

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An integrated circuit (IC) includes a plurality of pads adapted to send or receive signals, and a plurality of mixed signal interface blocks, each of which is coupled to a corresponding pad in the plurality of pads. Furthermore, each mixed signal interface block in the plurality of mixed signal inte ...