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A description is given of a switching device (1) comprising a transparent substrate (3), a switching film (5) including hydrides of gadolinium or other trivalent metal, and magnesium, covered with a palladium layer (7). By exchange of hydrogen, the switching film can be reversibly switched from a tr ...


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In the case of simultaneous diffraction and fluorescence measurements in an apparatus for X-ray analysis comprising only one X-ray tube, a problem is encountered in that due to the presence of the collimators required for the fluorescence measurements only a very low X-ray power reaches the detector ...

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In the method, semiconductor substrates are etched to provide nanowires, said substrates comprising a first layer of a first material and a second layer of a second material with a mutual interface, which first and second materials are different. They may be different in the doping type. Alternative ...

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A furnace (1) for Rapid Thermal Processing of a wafer (7), characterized in that the wafer (7) is heated by lamps (9), and the heat radiation is reflected by an optical switching device (15,17) which is in the reflecting state during the heating stage. During the cooling stage of the wafer (7), the ...

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A description is given of an optical switching device (1) comprising a transparent substrate (3), a switching film (5) of a hydride compound of a trivalent transition or rare earth metal having a thickness of 300 nm, and a palladium capping layer (7) having a thickness of 30 nm. The capping layer is ...



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An X-ray analysis apparatus comprises a dispersive system of crystals for monochromatizing an incoming beam in a diffractometer or for analyzing an X-ray beam in an X-ray spectrometer. The system of crystals comprises crystals whose crystal lattice planes do not extend parallel to effectively reflec ...

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The invention relates to a switching mirror display having an increased aperture. The display comprises pixel elements (