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A device for providing security and environmental protection to an individual telephone subscribed pair having an appearance at a building entrance terminal. The device prevents unauthorized removal of an R.J. 11 plug, and selectively closes the opening leading to a corresponding R.J. 11 jack. In on ...

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An improved connector block comprises a molded main body portion having test pin and connection-effecting pin couplet fields orthogonally disposed therein. In service, as on a telephone central office main distributing frame, the block receives and terminates two wire groups (e.g., subscriber lines ...

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Line condition reporting and subscriber polling apparatus employs a central processor for accessing subscriber cable pair via one of plural interface circuits, a trunk selection matrix, a test or no-test trunk, and the subscriber's central office.

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A flexible resilient protective boot for shielding an engaged telephone subscriber plug and jack interconnection against moisture, vermin, insects and the like. The boot is suitable for installation by the subscriber without the use of tools and employing only ordinary skill. In each of the embodime ...

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A telephone frame characterized in having both the connector and protector terminals on one surface thereof. The protective devices are mounted at a lower part of the frame, with connector terminals disposed thereabove. Channels are provided to facilitate the entry of cables to the opposite side of ...

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An improved telephone connector block construction permitting the convenience of blocks normally connected at parallel sidewalls thereof to be conveniently interconnected at a forwardly facing surface in those installations where side interconnection is not practical or desirable. The construction i ...

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An improved telephone connector block including grounding means enabling the provision of current and voltage overload protection. Protector modules are provided with a grounding prong having a detent groove arranged peripherally thereabout at a free end thereof which engage a detent in a grounding ...

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A subscriber network interface device for multiple subscriber pairs at a common location housed internally in a compact connector block easily mounted upon a wall by screws or a known mounting bracket to eliminate the need for installation of separate one or two line network interface devices. Incom ...

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A telephone connector block having improved means for temporarily retaining the ends of individual subscriber pairs adjacent the open ends of quick-clip connectors prior to engagement therewith using an installation tool. This is accomplished by a strain relief means which engages an individual cond ...

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A talk line multiple communication and test apparatus for use in conjunction with telephone central office frame equipment and comprising a housing, a face plate, and a standard type rotary switch member having a plurality of positions mounted on said face plate and said housing having at least one ...