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A hamper and method for making and using the same: The hamper is for collection, transport, and removal for such contents as laundry. The hamper features can include a funnel or even a reversible funnel for gravity-induced filling and unfilling of the hamper, as well as a retractably collapsible ten ...

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A collapsible hamper having top and bottom generally stiff frames, a body of flexible sheet material secured to and extending lengthwise between the frames, and a plurality of generally stiff legs each having top and bottom ends, the hamper having collapsed and assembled states, each leg positionabl ...

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This disclosure relates to a ready-to-assemble hamper which includes a bottom frame, a top frame, and a body panel which joins together the top and the bottom frames. Disposed on the bottom frame and on the top frame are panel recesses for accepting the body panel. Each of the panel recesses is form ...

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A system and method for providing a multi-paneled hamper where adjacent panels are coupled to one another via an exposed hinge-like pivoting coupling.