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An electronic system is packaged to provide a single etched backplane. Bus bars are physically fastened to bushings which are soldered to the backplane power etch lines to provide power to the system.

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An electronic computer includes a plurality of printed circuit boards that are slideably mounted in spaced parallel planes within a housing. The housing contains an input/output bus arrangement which is substantially open in the middle. A power supply is detachably mounted to the housing in such a m ...

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An electronic equipment housing provides easy access to electronic equipment via a hinged top panel and a clear plastic safety panel below it. Inside the housing are cable raceways located at the top front and top rear which are in line with raceways in adjacent housings to permit many cables to be ...

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An electronic system which requires high current provides a connector assembly which enables power supplies to be plugged into the same etched backplane as the logic printed circuit boards. The connector assembly handles high current, typically 150 amps at 5V DC. A female connector includes sets of ...