David A Wysocki, Paul S Hooper: Real time three dimensional geo-referenced digital orthophotograph-based positioning, navigation, collision avoidance and decision support system. Stroud Stroud Willink Thompson & Howard, January 10, 1995: US05381338 (388 worldwide citation)

Herein is presented a positioning, navigation and collision avoidance system for ships, aircraft, land vehicles and the like, which utilizes a geo-referenced digital orthophotograph data-base and a positioning signal to display upon a computer stereo graphics device a high visibility dynamic photogr ...

Christophe Jean Paul Sevrain, Heather R Schramm, Daniel G Schmidt, Paul S Hooper, Mary P Thomas: Electro-tactile stimulator. Sevrain Tech, Quarles & Brady, May 22, 1990: US04926879 (57 worldwide citation)

A device for electrically stimulating the skin in response to an electrical signal includes a flexible substrate on one surface of which is formed an electrically conductive pattern having a number of electrodes. Each of the electrodes is coated with a layer of a corrosion resistive material, such a ...

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