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A trusted agent server provides a networked application that assists a customer in managing their online commercial affairs. A user contacts the server using a network access device, such as a browser on a personal computer. The trusted agent client component augments the user's network access ...

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The present invention relates to compounds capable of inhibiting leukotriene activity and histamine activity, and their use in treating asthma and allergic conditions such as hay fever, dermatitus, and urticaria. Inhibition of both pathways permits more effective treatment of conditions with fewer s ...

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The present invention provides methods and compositions for conjoint administration of a nefazodonoid and a fluoxetinoid for the treatment of depression and other neurological conditions.

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Ototoxic side-effects have either limited the application of an important group of antibiotics, aminoglycoside antibiotics, or have added further burden to those who have to resort to platinum-containing antineoplastic agents to treat life-threatening tumors. The present invention discloses pharmace ...