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The present invention relates generally to a building automation system, and, more particularly, to an Internet-centric, open, extensible software and hardware framework supporting all aspects of control and monitoring of a smart building ecosphere. The present invention further relates to an “intel ...

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An optical reading head is described which is particularly designed to read codes generally formed by fluorescent or phosphorescent bars. The codes are carried by a support, such as an envelope which moves past the head at a relatively high speed. The support carrying the code is illuminated from a ...

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A light-conducting fiber, or a bundle of such fibers, is provided with a ht-absorbing shield extending beyond an end face of the fiber or bundle proximal to a light-reflecting object. The shield forms a light-guiding channel, of a length substantially exceeding its width, which limits the effective ...

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Cet appareil comprend un diaphragme 17 qui sépare un compartiment anodique 14 d'un compartiment cathodique 16 dans une cellule électrolytique 10 contenant un bain de sels fondus, et comprend un élément poreux ayant un coefficient de diaphragme de > 0 à apprch 0,5 et un coefficient de passage de 0,1 ...

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An adjustable cutting device includes a base including a base support component for supporting an object for slicing a cutter support for supporting and guiding a cutter tool such as a knife and a base for supporting an object for slicing or cutting and an upper component including a cover. The base ...

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The invention relates to a glass substrate (10) having a main face that exhibits a texture in relief having a depth of at least 1 mm, characterized in that said main face (11) is provided with a thin-film stack (100) having reflection properties in the infrared and/or in solar radiation.

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A process is disclosed for producing organic nitriles such as Acetonitrile or Hydrogen Cyanide, in which yields may exceed 90%, undesirable by-products are not produced, and handling of ammonia gas is avoided. In one aspect, a process includes preparing a feed including ammonium salts and water; int ...

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A method and system for release etching a micro-electrical-mechanical-systems (MEMS) device from a substrate. In one aspect, the invention is a method comprising (a) supporting at least one substrate having a sacrificial oxide and a non-sacrificial material in a process chamber at a pressure and at ...


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Pollucite, a cesium aluminium ore, is heated in an inert gas atmosphere with an alkali metal reductant, e.g. Li, Na or K, at a temperature above the vaporization temperature of cesium metal, but below that of the reductant employed, to distil off cesium metal. The cesium is redistilled then intermix ...