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A cuvette and a method of use which prevent nucleic acid amplified by PCR technology from being released to the atmosphere, while still proceeding to a detection step to determine whether or not the nucleic acid is present. Detection reagents are either pre-incorporated into compartments in the cuve ...

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A method and apparatus are disclosed for performing chemical analysis on selected fluids. The fluids are dispensed onto a test element which is transported to an analysis device where a radiometer or potentiometer is provided for measuring a characteristic of the test element resulting from the flui ...

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In an analyzer of the kind in which a reflectometer contacts a test element during scanning of the element, means are provided for moving test elements to and from the reflectometer in a manner avoiding significant contact wear of the reflectometer.

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Methods and kits useful for diagnosis of prostate cancer are disclosed, based on levels of Human Carcino Antigen in semen or other biological samples.