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A head up display system for a motor vehicle includes a sensor, display means for forming a video image from the signals received from the sensor and a projection system for projecting the video image onto the windscreen of the vehicle, the projection system including a mirror for deflecting the opt ...

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A headlamp system stores a plurality of beam patterns on a microprocessor 32 that selects a predetermined beam pattern based on driving conditions and sends the predetermined beam pattern to a digital micromirror device (DMD) 18 that is capable of generating the desired beam pattern by adjusting the ...

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A technology enterprise management apparatus comprises a processing resource (112, 114, 116, 118) arranged to support a stage and gateway process (400) having a plurality of stages (406, 412, 418, 424, 430, 436) and a plurality of gateways (402, 408, 414, 420, 426, 432, 438) interlaced with the plur ...