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Audio to be recorded in a photographic film camera in association with individual exposed frames is first digitized and stored in a temporary storage memory in the camera allowing playback through a speaker mounted in the camera to permit playback review and editing, as needed. When the film is adva ...

Vasant V Kolpe, Paul M Williams: Noble metal-polymer composites and flexible thin-film conductors prepared therefrom. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Gary L Griswold, Walter N Kirn, Paul W Busse, January 12, 1993: US05178957 (65 worldwide citation)

A composite article is prepared as a polymeric support having a coating of noble metal deposited on at least one surface thereof, the coating exhibiting suitable peel force for high performance applications such as the preparation of an electrode, such as a biocompatible, flexible, thin-film microel ...

Paul M Williams: Seed coatings. Agricultural Genetics Company, Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt, April 5, 1994: US05300127 (49 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a soybean seed, lucerne seed or clover seed coated with an inoculant composition comprising a carrier medium, a beneficial microorganism and an adhesive polymeric material. A high average loading of viable organisms per seed is maintained in storage.

Paul M Williams: Multicompartment equipment case and cover. Williams Sound Corporation, November 1, 1983: US04412616 (35 worldwide citation)

A multicompartment equipment case and cover having a plurality of compartments, each having an access opening and a cover member having a plurality of segments progressively, hingedly attached one to another and configured to coact with corresponding access openings for the compartments and includin ...

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The invention provides a method of preparing coated seeds, which comprises slurrying seeds with an inoculant composition containing a carrier medium, at least one species of microorganism having a beneficial effect on plants which grow from the seeds and an adhesive polymer, slurrying being effected ...

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In the present invention there is provided a plurality of photosensitive elements arranged in a symmetrical pattern around a central circular area. The area surrounding the central area is formed of a square area having the circular area at its center with the square area divided into four equal qua ...

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A weather vane-type rotatable inflatable wild fowl decoy. The decoy includes a relatively rigid or semi-flexible head and neck portion adapted to be rotatably supported by a spindle stuck in the earth, and an inflatable bag body adapted to be secured to the head and neck portion for rotation therewi ...

Paul M Williams: Method and apparatus for determining the concentration of components of liquid systems. Lion Laboratories, Young & Thompson, March 5, 1996: US05496740 (13 worldwide citation)

Testing apparatus is provided in the form of a pen and has a body 11 and cap 12. The body 11 has an inlet 13 at its tip which communicates with a fuel cell chamber 14, containing a fuel cell 15, and, via that chamber, with a passage 16 and a cylinder 17. A piston 18 is mounted in the cylinder 17 for ...

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A system and method for exchanging tools and end effectors on a robot permits exchange during a programmed task. The exchange mechanism is located off the robot, thus reducing the mass of the robot arm and permitting smaller robots to perform designated tasks. A simple spring/collet mechanism mounte ...

Thomas P Jones, Paul M Williams: Method for estimating body alcohol concentration. Alcolator, Young & Thompson, October 20, 1992: US05157601 (10 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to apparatus for estimating body alcohol concentration from personal body characteristics. For example, a calculator 10 has a keyboard 12 through which the user can input information concerning his sex, body weight, degree of fat, food consumption, alcohol consumption and the ...