Paul M Isaacs: Interactively reducing polygon count in three-dimensional graphic objects. Silicon Graphics, Fish & Richardson P C, April 13, 1999: US05894308 (50 worldwide citation)

The number of polygons in a 3D graphic object is adjusted by receiving interactive input from a user through a user-interface abstraction, and altering the number of polygons in the 3D graphic object in real time based on the input received from the user.

Paul M Isaacs: Robust mapping of 2D cursor motion onto 3D lines and planes. Silicon Graphics, Fish & Richardson P C, August 25, 1998: US05798761 (31 worldwide citation)

A moving 2D cursor is mapped onto a guiding entity in a virtual 3D space displayed on a 2D surface by determining if the guiding entity has a characteristic that may yield a discontinuity in motion along the guiding entity when the moving cursor is mapped onto the guiding entity. The cursor is mappe ...

Paul M Isaacs: View dependent layer ordering method and system. Microsoft Corporation, February 12, 2002: US06346939 (8 worldwide citation)

Method and system are provided for specifying view dependent ordering of geometry that occupies co-incident surfaces. A co-incident surface has a first side and a second side. The co-incident surface is capable of being viewed on either side. A first order of the geometry layers is defined as viewed ...