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An electronic display comprises a plurality of independently operable segments. Each of the plurality of independently operable segments comprises a plurality of picture elements.

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An auxiliary illuminating device that has an adjustable color temperature. The color temperature is adjusted by varying the light output at least two independently adjustable light sources. The light source is an array of at least 2 colors. The light source typically uses at least one set of LED&apo ...

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A digital camera simulates the use of fill flash. The camera takes a series of photographs of a scene at various focus distances. The photographs are stored, along with their corresponding focus distances. The photographs are analyzed to determine the distance to objects at various locations of the ...

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A method and apparatus for determining the illuminant type in a digital image. A photo sensor that has an array of photo-cells that detect non-visible light, embedded in the array of photo-cells that detect only visible light is disclosed. Using the visible light photo-cells in conjunction with the ...

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Color digital imaging quality is improved by quickly, accurately and robustly estimating illuminant information associated with a color digital image to correct color of the image based on the illuminant. A "correlation matrix memory" or "associative matrix memory" is used to achieve identical resul ...

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A sensor assembly and an optical image color scanner using the sensor assembly. The sensor assembly is of the type having three separate rows of optical sensors. Two of the three sensor rows have color filters and one is unfiltered (receptive to white light). For gray scale scanning, only the unfilt ...

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A camera for automatically triggering a plurality of exposures during a pan based on a measure of camera displacement. During a pan, the camera regularly acquires images to compare a recently acquired image to a reference image. If the recently acquired image is optimally overlapped with the referen ...

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A digital image capture and processing system, comprising a lens coupled to a lens control element is disclosed. The image capture system includes an image sensor configured to capture images from the lens, and a memory element and a processor coupled to the lens control element. The memory element ...

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An optical projection system that produces an image by use of a lenticular array and one or more lightvalves together with different lens filters in a variety of configurations and lenticule shapes.

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An imaging appliance family is a cooperative system of two or more imaging appliances that are linked together to share images, command and control. Imaging appliances may be linked to each other by introducing the appliances to each other, establishing a communications link, and exchanging applianc ...