Craig Thorner, Paul M Heilman III: Universal tactile feedback system for computer video games and simulations. July 23, 2002: US06422941 (354 worldwide citation)

A universal tactile feedback system for computer and video game systems is disclosed which provides real time tactile feedback to enhance a user's experience while interacting with a computer/video game or simulation. The tactile feedback system operates both in host-independent and host-depend ...

Paul M Heilman III: Writing device for use with a pen-based data input system. Thomason Moser and Patterson, May 23, 2000: US06066811 (2 worldwide citation)

An improved writing device containing a stylus comprised of a self-lubricating material such as lignum vitae. Lignum vitae is a natural, wood product containing a waxy substance that reduces friction at the tip of the stylus as the tip is moved over a surface. A writing device having a stylus fabric ...

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