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A system and method for monitoring vital signs and capturing data from a patient remotely using radiotelemetry techniques. The system is characterized by a cordless, disposable sensor band with sensors form measuring full waveform ECG, full waveform respiration, skin temperature, and motion, and tra ...

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A method apparatus for orienting a map display in a mobile or portable device. An electronic compass is integrated with a hand-held portable or mobile mapping device and an electronic compass bearing is used to calculate an offset value with respect to the map default orientation. The map is thus re ...

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A process in which a skin material is injected through a sprue channel into a mould cavity followed by a core material, wherein a further quantity of skin and/or core material is injected into the mould cavity through a second sprue channel displaced from the first.

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The preferred embodiment of the present invention facilitates the creation, storage and interaction of persistent objects using single level storage semantics on commodity systems. Specifically, the present invention defines several objects used to implement persistent objects in a shared address sp ...

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A multiway valve in a 'two-shot' injection moulding machine having separate tapered passageways for alternately connecting the sources of material with a single outlet. The valve also has a shut-off position wherein neither source is connected to the outlet.