Paul J Altnether, Frederick W Rexroth: Pencil for electrosurgical generator. Medical Research Associates 1, Epstein & Edell, December 2, 1986: US04625723 (62 worldwide citation)

A pencil for electrosurgical generators includes a push button switch structure useful in selectively bridging spaced printed circuit contacts in spite of oxidized film on the contact surface. A movable concave disk has a sharp peripheral edge that is forced against the contact surface during switch ...

Paul J Altnether, Timothy A Strege: Vehicle wheel turning angle gauge. Hunter Engineering Company, Gravely Lieder & Woodruff, February 6, 1990: US04897926 (14 worldwide citation)

A vehicle wheel turning angle gauge having a base to support a wheel engaging turnable plate which supports an optical encoder device mounted in non-rotary position so an operating shaft can engage and turn with the turnable plate to generate signals of the degree of turn and the direction of that t ...

Peter J Pierce, Paul J Altnether: Tire and wheel lift. Grace J Fishel, April 5, 2016: US09302543 (1 worldwide citation)

A trolley for use in a cable lift having a mast with a generally rectangular hollow cavity forming a track in which the trolley may be reciprocated upwardly and downwardly. The trolley is connected to a cradle outside the mast upon which an object to be lifted may be placed. The trolley has trolley ...