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The disclosure relates to a fan assembly including a duct in which an axial flow fan is mounted, there being a plurality of apertures formed in the duct wall around the fan and a layer of acoustic absorption material encircles the duct and projects through the apertures into the duct to have a minim ...

Walter Paul Holt: Finger puppet with a transparent window and tummy cavity. Legends USA, Welsh & Katz, February 26, 2002: US06350169 (21 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a puppet comprising a front side, a back side, and a tummy cavity formed within the puppet. A transparent window section is formed on the front side of the puppet and positioned so that a user can view into the tummy cavity. The puppet also includes a finger cavity.

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In a method of using a donor element in a radiation-induced thermal transfer process, an assemblage is provided that includes a donor element and a receiver element, wherein the donor element has a support layer and a transfer layer having one side adjacent the support layer and the other side adjac ...

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A method for imaging a media is provided which includes supporting a substrate and the media in a layered configuration. An imaging head is operated to image the media by directing radiation beams towards a surface of the imaged media while effecting relative movement between the imaging head and th ...