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A device for imaging a relief object without illuminating a platen is disclosed. The device includes a single electrode electroluminescent device, which may be inorganic or organic, and a current source. The current source is coupled to the single electrode of the electroluminescent device and to th ...

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A system and method for using a relief object image generator for cursor control, computer access control, and operational parameter control is disclosed. The system includes a relief object image generator, a sensor array, an image processor, and a memory. The relief object image generator generate ...

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A crank shaft particularly for internal combustion engines is made up of separable shaft sections, counterweights and crank pins. The elements of the shaft are joined to each other by dowel or roll pins engaged in aligned holes of the several elements.

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A portable, X-Y plotter capable of plotting on any sized medium and work surface comprises a generally T-configured instrument transport assembly for controllably imparting a dual (X-Y) axis translation to an instrument (e.g. plotting pen) across a workpiece (paper) and controllably engaging the plo ...