Paul D O Connor, Christopher M Batchelder, Giuseppe Lombardo: Surgical instrument with replaceable jaw assembly. TNCO, Stephen Y Chow, Jerry Cohen, Christine M Kuta, April 13, 1999: US05893875 (342 worldwide citation)

A detachable and replaceable end effector assembly. The detachable mechanism is made of standard end effectors attached to an actuating tip and pinned inside a yoke assembly. Replacement is made by pulling back a spring loaded radial lock 90, to disengage two rear tabs 51 on the outer tip 50. The yo ...

Frank A Bimbo, Constantine Frantzides, Theresa Richards, Paul D O Connor: Surgical grasper devices. Teleflex Medical, David G Conlin, Peter F Corless, March 17, 1998: US05728121 (340 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a surgical grasper device that comprises a generally elongate housing member having a handle member at a proximal end and first and second grasping arms at a distal end. First and second grasping elements are preferably releasably attached to the first and second grasp ...

Paul D O Connor: Suction punch. TNCO, Stephen Y Chow, Jerry Cohen, Edwin H Paul, February 18, 1997: US05603724 (23 worldwide citation)

A cutting-suctioning tool for micro-surgery including closing jaws, that in closed position, provide a suctioning/fluid channel axially through the jaws for removal of tissue and fluids.