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A probe comprises an excitation source and a double-core optical fiber. A pulsed laser signal (20) of the excitation sources supplied to the outer core (42) at one end of the optical fiber. The other end is provided with an interferometer film (18). An excitation signal (22) produced in the sample ( ...

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A power supply system of an electronic system is dynamically switchable upon fluctuating demand for operational power. The power supply is capable of providing multiple voltage values to an electronic system which is capable of utilizing multiple logical voltage values. The power utilized by the ele ...

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An improved data collection system utilizing at least partially integrated data collection and gathering devices and related peripherals. The system includes an at least partially wearable data collection terminal, associated peripherals, and a communication system. The data collection system may ut ...

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The present invention discloses an electronic memory system having semipermanent memory storage, a memory device for rapid data transfer and temporary memory storage, and controller for monitoring and controlling writes to the semipermanent memory storage.

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A television with hard disk drive comprises an analog video source which may be digitized and stored on a hard disk drive for later playback wherein the stored video data is capable of being played back at a rate slower, faster, or the same as the original analog video signal, thereby providing a vi ...

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A portable data collection terminal has an elongate housing with a hand grip conforming rear surface. A front surface features a numerical keyboard adjacent a lower end of the housing and an LCD screen adjacent the keyboard toward an upper end of the housing. The display screen is of elongate rectan ...

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A portable hand-held data terminal having a curvilinear cross-sectional keypad capable of operation by one hand. In an exemplary embodiment of the invention the keys may extend to various heights above the keypad depending on their function. For example, a scan trigger key may extend the farthest fr ...

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A battery capacity monitoring system readily indicates the remaining capacity of an uninserted battery pack upon an operator's request. Such request may involve the touching of one or more contacts disposed on the battery pack. The battery pack also includes a display and a communication means ...

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A portable, hand-held data collection terminal is of modular structure including, among other modules, multiple endcap modules and radio frequency communications pod modules, each of which may be chosen from a plurality of modules available for assembly into the terminal unit therby providing a plur ...

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A digital signal processor transceiver uses a finite impulse response filter memory to construct a phase integrated angle at each clock cycle. The FIR filter memory is addressed by a multibit pattern and a time count which are used in conjunction to determine the address. Each data word of the FIR f ...