Paul B Trost, Robert S Richard: Detoxification process. Dorr Carson Sloan & Peterson, November 8, 1988: US04783263 (42 worldwide citation)

A process for removing toxic or hazardous substances from soils, sludges, sediments, clays, aqueous streams, and other non-hazardous materials comprises collecting the contaminated material, converting it to a slurry, adding one or more surfactants and/or alkaline agents to the slurry to free the to ...

Paul B Trost: Use of propane as stripper gas in anaerobic digestion of wastewaters. Dorr Carson Sloan & Birney P C, July 29, 1997: US05651890 (19 worldwide citation)

Anaerobic digestion of wastewaters can be made more effective by introducing propane gas from an external source therein in order that the propane gas strips gas produced by the anaerobic digestion (e.g., methane, carbon dioxide, etc.) from the biomass system.

Paul B Trost: Decontamination of earth formations. Waste Tech Services, Joseph C Herring, April 16, 1991: US05008019 (14 worldwide citation)

Water supply contamination is reduced within a formation or eliminated in a flooding procedure utilizing an alkaline aqueous solution. Biodegradable polymer provides a desired viscosity and mobility. Biodegradable surfactant and alkali provide any needed interfacial tension reduction. Additives, e.g ...

Paul B Trost: Enhanced biomass digestion through intermittent injection of propane. Dorr Carson Sloan & Birney P C, March 26, 2002: US06361694 (8 worldwide citation)

Anaerobic digestion of a biomass system can be made more effective by intermittently introducing propane from an external source into said biomass system. The propane is preferably introduced into the biomass for about 20% to about 80% of any given time period.

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An oil-gas vapor collection, storage, and recovery system ensures that no air or oxygen leakage into the production tank occurs when gauging and/or emptying a tank. The system provides a constant reservoir-type storage system by utilizing a variable volume gas bag, expanding with a surge of gas from ...

Paul B Trost: Methodology for the chemical and mechanical treatment and cleanup of oily soils, drill cuttings, refinery wastes, tank bottoms, and lagoons/pits. Paul B Trost, C O Mv, September 10, 2009: US20090223871-A1

This invention relates to an improved methodology for the removal of oily hydrocarbon materials sorbed onto the surface(s) of inorganic materials. Said oily hydrocarbon materials may be partially oxidized or may be unoxidized. The invention makes use of an exothermic chemical reaction involving hydr ...