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In order to solve the problem of the proximity effects which occurs in the fabrication of integrated circuit devices, a facile method is provided for automatically creating a new pattern in which variably spaced windage correction is applied over the mask. This permits the utilization of conventiona ...

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A field-testable integrated circuit that includes a plurality of analog signal channels for receiving a respective analog signal during a normal mode of operation is provided. Individual test circuits are built-in within the integrated circuit for selecting respective ones of the plurality of channe ...

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A method is described for forming a desired pattern in a layer of polymethyl methacrylate resist formed on a substrate by irradiating the layer with a pattern of radiation substantially identical to the desired pattern and thereafter immersing the layer of polymethyl methacrylate in a solution of ac ...

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A circuit for determining connection status of a phone line shared by multiple telecommunications devices, such as modems and phones, is provided. The phone line includes respective tip and ring lines. The circuit comprises a first transistor stage coupled to receive a signal indicative of a voltage ...