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A communications apparatus is adapted for use with a mains electricity transmission and/or distribution network. The communications apparatus includes a signal transmission and/or reception means, and frequency conversion means for converting the frequency of a signal transmitted or received by the ...

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A telecommunications network for linking a plurality of premises, comprising, typically, a fiber optic or coaxial cable, and a plurality of electrical power cables each connected to a respective one of the premises for supplying mains electrical power thereto. Each of the power cables is also connec ...

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The present invention provides an overhead balanced electricity distribution and/or power transmission network (1201), the network including input means (1301) for the input onto the network of a telecommunications signal having a carrier frequency greater than approximately 1 MHz from an unbalanced ...


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A method for installing a compressed natural gas tank assembly in an automobile. The method includes connecting the tank assembly to an arm, rotating the tank assembly about an axis a predetermined angular amount, inserting the tank assembly into the automobile, and rotating the tank assembly about ...


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To compensate considerable movements between a floating unit and a seabed structure which are interconnected by a fluid line, the invention proposes to embody this fluid line in an upper catenary and a lower portion. The upper catenary is on the one hand supported by the floating structure and on th ...

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Compounds of the formula ##STR1## wherein A is the group ##STR2## R.sup.1 is hydrogen, amino, protected amino, acylamino or lower alkyl optionally substituted by aryl, hydroxy, protected hydroxy, amino, protected amino, acylamino, maleimido, succinimido, naphthalimido, 2,3-dihydro-1,3-dioxo-1H-benz[ ...


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Rigid structural members, profiles, joints, and forms added to structural sandwich panels to provide higher strength, integral joining joint, and single facing sheet manufacturing. Facing sheets (