Patrick J Cleary, Arnold G Gesell, Warren P Stewart, Craig A Hopperstad: Aircraft panoramic display. The Boeing Company, Christensen O Connor Johnson & Kindness, April 26, 1988: US04740779 (94 worldwide citation)

A panoramic display system for an aircraft comprising a display screen and line generation means for generating a line image on the display screen. The position of the line image on the display screen corresponds to the position of a projection of an artifact external to the aircraft onto an imagina ...

Patrick J Cleary: Roofing composition and structure. Hill Van Santen Steadman Chiara & Simpson, May 25, 1982: US04331726 (39 worldwide citation)

A pourable roofing composition composed of chopped discrete small chunks or pieces of closed cell plastics material, such as polystyrene, polyurethane, and the like; inexpensive granular or powder particles of fly ash or the like inert particulate material which will hold down the light cellular pla ...

Patrick J Cleary, Lloyd S Kelman, Richard L Horn: Aircraft performance margin indicator. The Boeing Company, Christensen O Connor Johnson & Kindness, January 20, 1987: US04638437 (33 worldwide citation)

An aircraft performance margin indicator including a display (21) that, during takeoff and landing, informs the pilot of the ability of the aircraft to either stop safely or achieve a safe flying speed before reaching the end of the runway is disclosed. A plurality of dedicated microprocessors (41, ...

Patrick J Cleary, Craig A Hopperstad: Method and apparatus for continuously determining a chronodrasic interval. The Boeing Company, Christensen O Connor Johnson & Kindness, June 12, 1984: US04454582 (23 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for determining the time remaining for maximum control action to be taken in order to achieve a desired objective (i.e., the chronodrasic interval) is disclosed. The method and apparatus continuously determines the amount of a parameter (e.g., runway distance) required to achi ...


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