Patrick Charles Mancuso, Scott Howard Prager: Centralized mapping of security credentials for database access operations. International Business Machines Corporation, Brown Raysman Millstein Felder & Steiner, August 23, 2005: US06934706 (92 worldwide citation)

An enterprise data integration product which facilitates access to one or more external or remote databases so as to provide integration from a central application. The product enables a user to pre-populate a credential database which stores the user's security credentials for each of the remote da ...

Jane B Marcus, Alan D Eldridge, David Scott Kern Jr, Michael J Kerrigan, Patrick Charles Mancuso, Robert John Paganetti: Secure configuration catalog of trusted identity providers. International Business Machines Corporation, David B Woycechowsky, David H Judson, Jeffrey S LaBaw, June 27, 2017: US09690920

A secure database includes a catalog of information about one or more identity providers (IdPs) that are trusted by a service provider (SP) to authenticate users on the SP's behalf. The catalog securely stores one or more IdP configurations. An entry in the database stores information associated wit ...

Patrick Charles Mancuso: System and method for deferred transmission of attachments. June 30, 2011: US20110161435-A1

A first message may be received, wherein the first message may include a message body and an attachment. The first message may be processed to generate at least a second and a third message, wherein the second message may be generated based, at least in part, upon the message body and the third mess ...

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