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A motor vehicle has an exterior coating. A fluorescing and/or phosphorescing substance is added to the exterior coating or forms a part of the exterior coating. The fluorescing and/or phosphorescing substance serves to emit light, in particular red, green and/or blue light, in a visible range upon i ...

Lung Pao Chen: Coupling structure for grinding members. Sunmatch Industrial, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, October 3, 2006: US07115028 (28 worldwide citation)

A coupling structure for grinding members adopts a removable structure to fasten a grinding member to a pneumatic tool. One or more grinding member may be mounted on the coupling structure according to requirements. The coupling structure may be used repeatedly to reduce costs.

Paul C Pao Chen: Method and apparatus for forming subterranean concrete piles. Spencer & Frank, February 28, 1984: US04433943 (18 worldwide citation)

A concrete pile is formed by forming a hole in the ground with an auger and introducing concrete material into the ground through the hollow stem of the auger, the concrete being forceably ejected from the hollow stem of the auger by compressed air supplied to a nozzle within the hollow stem of the ...

Yu Pao Chen: Keyboard cover. William E Pelton Esq, May 3, 2005: US06887002 (18 worldwide citation)

A keyboard cover has a rectangular transparent film made of a soft material and having an upper side, a bottom side, two long sides and two short sides. Two first reinforcing strips are formed at the bottom side and respectively at the two long sides of the film. Two second reinforcing strips are fo ...

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A display arrangement for a vehicle has, in particular, a multipurpose instrument or is configured as a multipurpose instrument. The display arrangement includes a first display device to display information concerning operation of the vehicle, a glass with adjustable transparency arranged in front ...

Lung Pao Chen: Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation control device of a pneumatic tool. Sunmatch Industrial, Birch Stewart Kolasch and Birch, February 13, 2007: US07174971 (16 worldwide citation)

The present invention discloses a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation control device installed to a pneumatic tool uses pressurized air as power. The pneumatic tool comprises a main body of the pneumatic motor module, a rear cover module disposed at a rear end of the main body and having an air g ...

Pao Chen Paul Chuan: Piling system. Wenderoth Lind & Ponack, March 11, 1975: US3869869 (16 worldwide citation)

The apparatus comprises a hollow casting tube sealed near its lower end by a plate so that the pile driving hammer can be applied direct to the plate to force the tube into the ground. Cement-sand grout is passed to the space beneath the plate via a pipe passing externally of the casting tube whilst ...

Shwu Meei Jan, Hsien Pao Chen: Automobile steering lock. Bacon & Thomas, September 8, 1992: US05144822 (15 worldwide citation)

An antitheft device for attachment to a steering wheel of an automobile comprising an elongated body member having two parallel passageways extending along the longitudinal direction, a first hook secured to the body member for engagement with a portion of the steering wheel wherein the first hook e ...

Lung Pao Chen: Holding apparatus for grinding members. Sunmatch Industrial, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, December 12, 2006: US07147550 (15 worldwide citation)

A holding apparatus for grinding members includes two clamping disks that have respectively a plurality of anchor plates and a plurality of anchor slots on different perimeters. The anchor plates and anchor slots may be wedged to form a mechanical interference between the two clamping disks to hold ...

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The improved airflow control structure for pneumatic tools has an air inlet to receive external air, a cylinder located in a pneumatic tool and an air intake passage located between them. A valve bushing is provided to connect to the air intake passage and respectively connect a first air intake flo ...