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High performance (high tenacity and modulus) polyethylene fibers are subjected to pressure at elevated temperatures in the absence of a matrix to form articles such as non-woven fabrics and film-like structures, which may be translucent or even transparent. Good fiber adhesion and even fiber deforma ...





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A reactive turbine (100), each blade of which approximates a helical shape that is constructed with readily available conventional manufacturing techniques. The blades are constructed in discrete straight sections that, when joined, approximate a helix or any other efficient turbine shape.

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Flexible composites which are ballistic and stab resistant. The composites are formed from at least one, and preferably a plurality of, fibrous layer comprising a network of high tenacity fibers. A stack of a plurality of fibrous layers is consolidated in a desired pattern over a substantial portion ...


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High tenacity, high modulus ultrahigh molecular weight fibers of polyethylene or polypropylene are coated with polyethylene, polypropylene or an ethylene and/or propylene copolymer. The coating improves certain properties of the monofilament or multifilament, including adhesion to various matrices i ...