Paetsch Frank: (De) Gebührenabhängiges aktivieren und deaktivieren von sim-karten in einem mobilfunk-gateway oder mobilfunkendgerät und verfahren dafür, (En) Chargeable activation and deactivation of sim cards in a mobile radio gateway or mobile radio terminal and corresponding method. Teles Informationstechnologien, Paetsch Frank, DR MÜLLER Wolfram H, October 7, 2004: WO/2004/086788 (13 worldwide citation)

(EN) The invention relates to a method for the chargeable activation and deactivation of SIM cards (17) in a telecommunication device (5, 1000) and to a telecommunication device for carrying out said method. The invention is characterized in that the SIM card is used to allocate and log the telecomm ...

Schindler Sigram, Illg Andreas, Luedtke Karsten, Paetsch Frank: Method for transmitting data in a telecommunications network and switch for implementing said method. Teles, July 21, 1999: EP0929884-A2 (6 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method for optional data transmission from a first switch to a second switch via a telecommunications line or packeting as well as to a switch for implementing said method. Data packages are initially switched in packets via a packeting network to second switch. A line con ...

Paetsch Frank: Method and gateway for providing connection, specially between a fixed and a mobile telecommunication network. Teles, June 23, 2004: EP1432257-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

A communications link set up procedure uses a mobile phone gateway (5) has separate groups of user channels (21, 22) (23, 24) for mobile networks (7, 8) and uses link request information from the calling unit (1, 1') to dynamically selects the appropriate group and channels by switching between SIM ...

Schindler Sigram Prof Dr, Wegener Rochus, Illg Andreas, Paetsch Frank, Luedtke Karsten, Schoenberger Peter: Method and switching device to transfer data. Teles, June 28, 2000: EP1014632-A2 (5 worldwide citation)

Data is transmitted over at least part of its path, through a packet network. A control signal may be given by the network management system. This causes separate switching units (4a, 4b) to bypass the data around the packet communications network (6) and the packet equipment (5, 7). The signals are ...

Paetsch Frank: Method and telecommunications assembly for providing a telecommunications connection (tc connection) to a called mobile terminal. Teles, September 23, 2009: EP2104394-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

Die Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren und eine Telekommunikationsanordnung zum Bereitstellen einer Telekommunikationsverbindung (TK-Verbindung) zu einem gerufenen Mobilfunkendgerät. Es werden einem Switch (3), über den ein Verbindungsaufbau zu einem gerufenen Mobilfunkendgerät (2, 2', 2") erfolgt, Ro ...


Paetsch Frank: (De) Verfahren und telekommunikationsgerät zur bereitstellung einer telekommunikationsverbindung zwischen zwei endgeräten, (En) Method and telecommunications device for providing a telecommunications connection between two terminals. Teles Informationstechnologien, Paetsch Frank, GROSS Felix, August 26, 2004: WO/2004/073328 (3 worldwide citation)

(EN) The invention relates to a method and a telecommunications assembly for providing a telecommunications connection between a first, calling terminal (1, 1') and a second called terminal (2, 2'), the called terminal (2, 2') having a transferred subscriber number, which as a result of its prefix i ...

Paetsch Frank: Call back method. Teles, April 21, 1999: EP0910199-A2 (2 worldwide citation)

The method involves indicating a link request from a calling terminal in a first network in a switch in a second network, which indicates the request to the called terminal. The switch returns a response to the caller if the second terminal is ready to receive. The switch receives the called number ...