P A D Edwardson, J E Fairbrother, D A Hollingsbee: Compositions useful as fibrin sealants. Bristol Myers Squibb Co, zhang anyu, July 19, 2000: CN98805974

Novel fibrin monomer compositions which are solutions including additional coharvested components, such as prothrombin and Factor XIII, are useful in fibrin sealant applications. Preferably, the compositions are autologous to the patient receiving the sealant and these compositions may also include ...

N E Holm, P A D Edwardson: Method and device for separating hemaleucin fibrin from blood blasma. E R Squibb &Amp Sons, WEI JINXI, February 11, 1998: CN95197451

A device for separating components such as fibrin monomer from blood by centrifugation about a central axis comprising a first annular chamber (70) defined by an outer cylindrical wall (72) and an inner cylindrical wall (71) both walls being concentrically accommodated about an axis of rotation, and ...

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