C Baudoin, P A Commarei, C Virgiya: Aerodynamic injector system with one way cyclone. Snecma Engine, wang yongjian, April 2, 2003: CN02126114

An injection system for a turbomachine combustion chamber, the system comprising a fuel injection nozzle for vaporizing fuel in the combustion chamber and a mixer/deflector assembly coaxial with the injection nozzle and serving to mix fuel and oxidizer and to diffuse the mixture in the combustion ch ...

C Baudoin, P A Commarei, El Laiti: Circular combustion chamber with two offset nozzles. Snecma Engine, cai honggui, April 2, 2003: CN02142241

An offset annular combustion chamber for an airplane engine gas turbine, the chamber comprising a pilot head having a plurality of nozzle systems distributed on a pilot head chamber end wall interconnecting an inner longitudinally-extending side wall of the chamber to a pilot head outer longitudinal ...

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