P A Carpino, C Kwok Fung Chiu, B A Lefker: Treatment of insulin resistance with growth hormone secretagogues. Pfizer Products, li huayang, July 5, 2000: CN98805923

This invention is directed to methods of treating insulin resistance in a mammal which comprise administering an effective amount of a compound of formula (I), where the variables are defined in the specification, or the stereoisomeric mixtures, diastereomerically enriched, diastereomerically pure, ...

P A Carpino, D P A Jardine, B A Lefker: Growth-hormone secretagogues. Pfizer, li huayang, January 27, 1999: CN96199388

This invention is directed to compounds of formula (I) and the pharmaceutically-acceptable salts thereof, where the substituents are as defined in the Specification, which are growth hormone secretagogues and which increase the level of endogenous growth hormone. The compounds of this invention are ...

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