P A Alioshin, D B Corbin: Display/monitor with orientation dependent rotatable image. Silicon Light Machines Co, wang yong, December 29, 1999: CN97180488

A display with orientation dependent rotatably image presents a properly oriented image in a first mounted fold-down position and a second up-right table-top position and a third portrait position. The display folds up into a base unit when not being used for compact storage of the system. An orient ...

R J E Aras, P A Alioshin, B P Straker: Time-interleaved bit-plane, pulse-width-modulation digital display system. Silicon Light Machines, cheng tianzheng, July 14, 1999: CN97195719

A time interleaved bit addressed weighted pulse width modulation (PWM) method and apparatus reduces the bandwidth requirement necessary for providing a plurality of data entries regarding multiple points of information. As is well known, a weighted PWM scheme modulates an output by utilizing a frame ...

R J E Aras, P A Alioshin: Bandwidth and frame buffer size reduction in a digital pulse-width-modulated display system. Silicon Light Machines Co, wang yong, November 24, 1999: CN97199460

Method and apparatus for converting a stream of incoming serial video data which is received frame by frame and is formatted with all data bits arriving together for each pixel into digital PWM video as a sequence of likeweighted bits. Incoming video data is temporarily stored in a digital memory. A ...

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