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An absorbent pad such as an incontinence pad comprises a liquid-impervious back sheet with spaced islands of absorbent material thereon. A liquid-pervious cover sheet has pockets formed therein, in which the islands of absorbent material are disposed. The cover sheet is secured, either adhesively or ...


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The invention relates to a diaper of the kind including outer and inner layers enclosing an absorbing layer, an absorbing body or the like, wherein at least one recess is arranged in the absorbing layer and a liquid passage in line with said recess at the inner covering layer. In addition to the rec ...

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When practicing a method and using an arrangement for producing a fibre layer or fibre mat from a liquid-absorbent material, e.g. in the manufacture of diapers, a fibre-air suspension is blown in between two endless, mutually parallel air-permeable conveyor belts (12,13) at a pressure which exceeds ...