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Systems, methodologies, and devices are described that manage employment of network (NW)-initiated resource allocation and user equipment (UE)-initiated resource allocation for a UE. To employ NW-initiated resource allocation, a core network can transmit an indicator to the UE indicating that Policy ...

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Local breakout is provided by one or more nodes (e.g., a local access point and/or a local gateway) in a wireless network to facilitate access to one or more local services. In conjunction with local breakout, multiple IP points of presence relating to different levels of service may be provided for ...

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One aspect discloses transition behavior of dynamically changing subframe interlaces and the corresponding behavior of the bases stations during the changing. A method of wireless communication includes receiving a request to dynamically change a subframe interlace. The subframe interlace is transit ...

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Provisioning and access control for communication nodes involves assigning identifiers to sets of nodes where the identifiers may be used to control access to restricted access nodes that provide certain services only to certain defined sets of nodes. In some aspects provisioning a node may involve ...

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Techniques for signaling whether or not a radio resource control (RRC) connection should be maintained are provided. The signaling may be provided, for example, in existing NAS transport messages, or in separate messages. The signaling may be provided in the uplink and/or downlink direction.

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Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate network management and optimization. As described herein, a network and a device communicating with the network can exchange network management information, thereby supporting a Self Organized Network (SON) architecture for improved network man ...

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Problems caused by interaction between paging optimization and synchronizing CSG information are mitigated by setting a network indication indicating, for example, that a subscriber is no longer a member of a CSG, but the network has not yet received confirmation that an access terminal associated w ...

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Systems and methods providing uplink coordinated multi-point (CoMP) communication are shown. A second cell may identify at least one first UE communicating with a first cell and capable of causing high uplink interference to the second cell. The second cell may estimate uplink interference from the ...

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Systems and methodologies are described that facilitate managing access control to Closed Subscriber Groups (CSGs) in a wireless communication environment. A user equipment (UE) can store an operator CSG list, which can be read only and controlled by an operator. Further, the operator CSG list can l ...