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A thin film MOS transistor includes a silicon layer (202) whose thickness, at least in the channel region is less than 2500 ANGSTROM . The silicon layer may be a polycrystalline silicon layer and its thickness in the channel region may be less than its thickness in the source and drain regions. Such ...

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An active matrix panel comprises a picture element matrix (22), which is mounted on a transparent substrate (71, 86) and which includes a plurality of gate lines (24, 25), a plurality of source lines (26, 27, 28) and a plurality of picture elements (32, 33). The active matrix panel further comprises ...

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A liquid crystal device for an electro-optical device is provided, the liquid crystal device including a plurality of liquid crystal cells wherein data signals are supplied to the liquid crystal cells through a plurality of field effect transistors arranged in a plurality of picture elements (292). ...

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A mobile radio communication device automatically transmits a predetermined response if it is called by another communication device (S5). It then listens for a specific signal, namely a secret ID number or a specified DTMF code (S6 - S9). On receipt of this the device is placed in a mode for disabl ...


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A lithium secondary battery comprising: a positive electrode and a negative electrode which each has a specific composition and specific properties; and a nonaqueous electrolyte which contains a cyclic siloxane compound represented by general formula (1), fluorosilane compound represented by general ...