Hajime Yoshizumi, Nobuya Matsumoto, Osamu Fukuda, Osamu Fukushi: Process for producing alcohol by fermentation without cooking. Suntory, Frishauf Holtz Goodman & Woodward, April 30, 1985: US04514496 (67 worldwide citation)

Alcohol is produced in a noncooking system by mixing a ground starchy material with mashing liquor at the range that the weight ratio of mashing liquor to ground starchy material is from 1.8 to 3.4 to form a slurry, without cooking, adding to the slurry at least 3.5 units as a saccharifying power of ...

Hajime Yoshizumi, Nobuya Matsumoto, Osamu Fukushi: Preparation of alcohol or alcoholic beverages. Suntory, Flynn & Frishauf, May 30, 1978: US04092434 (52 worldwide citation)

Alcohol or an alcoholic beverage is produced by a process wherein a mash of cereal grains and liquefying enzymes is cooked at a temperature of from 75.degree. C to 85.degree. C which is lower than the temperature of maximum viscosity for the mash and which is higher than the sterilization temperatur ...

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